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Welcome to Timpview Chiropractic

Dr. Erickson on the 2nd place podium of an adventure race in Moab

In practice since 2003, Dr. Spencer Erickson opened Timpview Chiropractic in 2010. Our modern office with a beautiful view of Mount Timpanogos is a welcoming place for all ages. We routinely care for expectant mothers and children, from newborns on up. Dr. Erickson offers gentle care to help kids experiencing many different problems and symptoms, and is always learning and adapting new research to benefit his practice members.

Better Living, Naturally

Our science-based family wellness practice seeks to improve the life of everyone who walks through our door by increasing their health.  We hope that our practice members can overcome the challenges they face, both now and for the rest of their lives.

Excellent Health for Moms and Kids

Dr. Erickson’s focus on pregnancy and pediatrics evolved over the years after his graduation from chiropractic college. His passion for science, learning and understanding have driven him to use the latest chiropractic research. He applies it to transform the lives of our practice members. We understand that chiropractic is about helping you realize your full potential by having an optimally functioning nervous system. This vital system controls the body and keeps us healthy and alive.

Rather than only  seeing us when you have neck or back pain, our practice members have seen impressive results:

  • Avoiding sickness for long periods
  • Realizing that they can think more clearly and stay more focused
  • Less angry or moody
  • More relaxed, more restful sleep

Make an investment in your health and life. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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