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Welcome to the “Chiropractic Membership Practice”

You’ll find on this page information about what makes us unique in Utah Valley in the way we do business. Dr. Erickson believes adjustments are more than just a billable procedure, since he has seen them change so many lives for the better. So instead of practicing like everyone else, he has created a “Membership Practice” to make care more affordable and more accessible for our community, while still maintaining the highest practice standards.

What’s the difference?canstockphoto24758984

In a standard chiropractic office, each adjustment is billed at a certain rate, usually dictated by what the “going rate” is in the community. It is very formal, with tens of thousands of codes, qualifiers, modifiers, and other confusing insurance hoops that need to be jumped through.

In a membership practice, we have flexibility in the way we treat our members. If they don’t have insurance, or choose to not use their insurance (you’d be surprised at how many choose not to use their insurance because of our value), our members receive a generous discount on adjustments, as well as other benefits like no-charge exams for friends & family, no charge progress exams & x-rays, as well as some other benefits listed below.

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Benefits of our Membership Program:

  • Adjustments are discounted by 33%
  • No-charge progress scans every 12 visits (normally $80)
  • No-charge x-rays when needed and reasonable
  • Your family receives no-charge exams, scans, & x-rays
  • Your friends & coworkers receive no-charge exams, scans, & x-rays
  • Wholesale price on any supplement that we sell
  • Your body will begin to heal and continue to do so as long as you choose to benefit from adjustments

If you have any questions about our office, or you would like to see how our program compares with your insurance, or if you would like to consult one-on-one for your specific needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to serve you.

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