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Reviews for Timpview Chiropractic

What Our Patients Say . . .



I just took my little girl there and had a wonderful experience. She has been having trouble sleeping and multiple ear infections. Dr. Erickson was very kind and understanding to myself and my daughter’s needs. I am really looking forward to our next visit! Thank you so much!” Christina Vaka

Not only is Dr. Erickson professional and knowledgeable, but he is AMAZING with kids! I’ve been to several chiropractors and he is among the best, but when it comes to kids I’ve never met anyone better. My kids LIKE getting adjusted and are always laughing when he’s done. Great chiropractic care for the individual but a MUST if you’re looking for someone to treat your family.” Rebecca Wood


Adult Wellness

I haven’t been to a chiropractor since before my first child, over 11 years ago. I was in so much pain, hunched over doing the best I can. Now four kids later, Dr. Erickson has adjusted my back, my oldest daughter’s, and my husband’s twice so far. My daughter feels tons better, I don’t have the constant pain I have dealt with for years, I can stand up straight for the first time without wincing, and they are really working with us, we love them. Thank you Dr. Erickson, you and your staff have been a HUGE blessing to our family. – Tabitha Newbreast
My wife and I have been coming for more than a year and have loved coming very time. They are always willing to come a little early or stay a little late to fit our busy schedule. Dr. Erickson is awesome! He knows his stuff and wants to solve issues which I love. He shows you what needs to be fixed and gives things I can do to improve. My range of motion in my neck has grown. All in all I feel better now and every time after an adjustment. Come in. You will be amazed at what can happen and how much better you will feel! – Joshua Garvin

I have been a patient of Dr. Erickson’s for over a year and he is amazing! My spine (neck and back disc damage) was all out of whack after a whiplash car accident and I easily saw more improvement with chiropractic care vs my other doctors. I have been away from Utah the past couple months and have yet to find a chiropractor as good as him; I can’t wait to get back! I HIGHLY recommend him! The fact that he is a great guy too is icing on the cake!” Chris Johnson


Pregnancy & Newborn Babies

I had a ruptured tubal miscarriage back in July and have been dealing with migraines and dizziness every since. After repeated visits and tests at my OB/GYN and GP I was told that it was just going to take time to recover from the miscarriage and there was nothing they could do. My husband found a deal for x-rays and a massage at Timpview Chiropractic. I decided to give it a try. Dr. Erickson went over my x-rays with me and showed me just why I was suffering the way I was. He answered every question I had and offered a solution.

After a week of treatments and an amazing massage I danced around the house with my 2-year-old daughter just because I could. For the first time in 8 months I can go through a day without a headache or feeling like I’m going to tip over! I still have more treatments, but I can already feel a difference! Thank you Timpview Chiropractic! – Kristen Morgan

I started getting sore a few days after a car accident, and of course wanted to get any potential whiplash treated, and who better than a chiropractor? Dr. Erickson is the one my birth center recommends and I can see why. He’s great. He does pregnant women a lot and even babies. He took time the first visit to explain the importance of chiropractic care to your overall health, which I found illuminating, even though I knew the basics before. He also uses some state-of-the-art tech (thermal scanner, EMG scanner [electrical activity], and HRV frequency domain analysis [autonomic function]) to corroborate what he finds by hands-on methods, but he uses it to complement his treatment, rather than being reliant on it. He knows when to leave something alone and when to do adjustments, and I leave feeling better and less tense than I went in. Overall, I just really like the practice. He’s very attentive, cares what you think, really cares about how people feel and heal, and he’s just a really nice guy too. He’s super easy to talk to and cares about and remembers what’s going on. – Angela Decker

I love how my family is welcomed by the staff and Dr. Erickson takes time/effort to know what needs fixing. I might add I have been coming during my 2nd pregnancy and boy the adjustments made a difference during labor. 4 hour labor and it was unmedicated!” Kim Denetsosie


A Few More Patient Stories . . .

I have been treated by Dr. Spencer Erickson for years when I traveled to Utah to vacation. Having moved here, I now get to see him full time. He is very knowledgeable, has a wonderful touch, and is the only chiropractor I have been to who can successfully adjust my neck and relieve my headaches. His office staff is very friendly, and when I enter the office they know who I am and call me by name. The charges are reasonable, and the office is so easy to get to. There is a freeway off-ramp at 800 North in Orem, and he is just a bit up the road. I travel from Salt Lake County, but it’s worth it. He is the best! – Barbara Packardicon-contact-usI initially started coming to Dr. Erickson to see if I could get relief from lower back pain. I’d been to other chiropractors with little success. Little did I know that his practice was going to change my entire life. I’ve struggled for years and years with terrible anxiety. When I started coming to Dr. Erickson a year and a half ago, I hadn’t worked in over two years and I felt unable to do simple things like go grocery shopping, drive on the freeway, talk to people and make new friends, date, teach yoga, travel, and believe me, the list goes on. A few months at Dr. Erickson’s office completely turned all of that around. I’m now able to do things I haven’t done in years without the emotional turmoil I was feeling before! Since beginning my care plan with Dr. Erickson, I’ve been able to work consistently for over a year, take college classes, go on big trips overseas, and get married, all because I was no longer too anxious to take the first step in any of those areas of my life. So much of what I have I owe to Dr. Erickson, his practice, and chiropractic itself. I’m now able to have a fulfilling, happy, and much more emotionally secure and stable life (without back pain, if you’re wondering how that part played out! – Ashley Starkicon-contact-us

Dr. Erickson and Ashley are fantastic! My husband initially started seeing him for back pain and I was impressed with the amount of time he took to educate us about his back. When we had our son he was extremely colicky and was miserable almost the entire time he was awake. We decided to take him to Dr. Erickson when he was about a month old. Again he explained things well and really took the time to listen to us. Dr Erickson even called us after business hours to check on our little guy after his first adjustment! I have since been adjusted for back pain and after just 2 adjustments I felt so much better! It is very apparent that Dr Erickson truly cares about his patients and their overall health, he is also very friendly and easy to talk to. His office is clean and everyone is always so nice and accommodating. I recommend timpview chiropractic to all my friends and family! – Kelsie Aldridge


Dr. Erickson is a great chiropractor! He really knows what he is doing and wants to help you achieve and maintain good health! The receptionists are super friendly and helpful! Thanks for being so good at what you do! – Judy Niccoli


Dr. Erickson is a life-saver! That may sound dramatic, but it’s absolutely true. I initially started going to Dr. Erickson after receiving a neck injury due to a (ok, three) car accident(s) that I was in. I had done three years of physical therapy prior to finding Dr. Erickson, which never really did much for me, and had been suffering from daily headaches and numbness in my left arm. Within two weeks, Dr. Erickson had me feeling better than I had felt in years.Read more…

In addition, just over a year ago, I had a beautiful, healthy baby girl who for no apparent reason, would cry for hours on end. I literally tried everything I could think of to try to ease her crying. After two weeks straight of purple crying spells, my sister (who also went to Dr. Erickson) told me to take my baby girl in to see Dr. Erickson. I called to see if Dr. Erickson could help; his sweet receptionist said absolutely and that they could get me in that day. That night, for the first time in two weeks, my baby didn’t cry. I mean at all. Not only that, but she soothed herself to sleep. This was a first for us. My husband, who had been skeptical, was amazed. I was amazed. We were both so relieved to have our sweet baby girl back. For any parent out there who has had a colic-y baby, the sense of relief that you feel when your baby stops crying is indescribable. When I say that Dr. Erickson is a life-saver, I should probably say he is a “sanity-saver” because that is exactly what he is/was for me.

You will be hard pressed to find a more caring, kind, and compassionate chiropractor who is genuinely intuitive and who will care for your well-being as much as Dr. Erickson. He is, in my opinion, the best chiropractor out there. And did I mention his staff? Because I love them too! They are all so kind and welcoming.

Have I gushed about them all enough? Because if not, I am more than happy to keep going… – LaDonna Ernst-Lockard

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